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After being a professional photographer for over 5 years, you would think that I would grow weary of weddings, right?! The reality is, I have seen and photographed it all and the more that I shoot, the more that I fall in love with this job! The joy, the excitement, the feminine details, the tears, the dances with daddy, the portraits that take your breath away.... I love it all. Even after 5 years, I still can’t get over the fact that I have been trusted with preserving over 50 weddings!! I don’t take my job lightly.

From 2016-2018 I stood by my husband, Justin, as he battled an infection after the placement of a new heart valve. He had the valve replaced 3 times, and just recently had his sternum removed after the infection took hold in his bone. Throughout the entire journey, we clung to God and each other. Having someone to stand by your side through thick and thin is one of the best things in life. I am so honored that I get to document couples as they stand before God, their family, and friends, and vow to stand side by side.  

Before every wedding day begins I sit in the car and I pray for the couple, their families and for the ability to capture my couple’s celebration with excellence and creativity! Besides raising our daughter, Skyler, and son Grayson photographing weddings is truly one of the most rewarding parts of my life! The friendships and experiences that are created with my Weisz Couples last far beyond the wedding day and I believe that’s how it should be! I am excited for you to keep scrolling to learn more about how being a Weisz Bride isn’t your typical photography experience; it’s so much more!

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01. I never skip


I started yoga in college, and fell in love.  My roommate and I started with a class at the community center in Dickinson, ND.  It was a power yoga class, with up beat music! I was hooked.  These days I take a slower approach to the mat.  My favorite yoga youtube channel is Yoga with Adrian. 

16 ounce caramel vanilla breve is my coffee order of choice! Just sweet enough you don't need any sugar, but you still get the caffeine boost and taste! Try it iced on a summer afternoon! You can get it everywhere too!! 

cafe breve

02. I love my

I'm  trying really hard not  to kill my fiddle leaf fig tree! 

so far it's still alive...

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03. im known for my

black & White

There is a very good chance that if you see me on the street I'm wearing black and white or grey. Good thing black and white are classics because I have wayyy too many stripped shirts in my closet! I'm also pretty in love with Market and Spruce and J Crew, so I'm probably wearing black leggings leggings too! 

I love to keep a bottle of the bubbly on hand to toast life's special occasions, even the small ones. Why not enjoy life and celebrate! 


04. life is better with

I believe in lazy mornings, short breaks, long kisses, and moments that feel like they go on forever.

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Chelsy Weisz Photography 

we're in the business of bottling up romance. of seeing you and your love at its best, and capturing who you really are. together. 


I didn't know Chelsy when she was hired as our Photographer and had reservations about the skill set of a local and young entrepreneur. Boom, she knocked it out of the park! She was extremely interactive, continually pursued creative pictures from different angles, lighting, and backgrounds. Above and beyond any expectation I would have had for any photographer, and a consummate professional!

she knocked it out of the park!"


Steve + Jessica
Wildrose, ND Wedding

Chelsy is an amazing photographer and so much fun to work with! There is no one we would rather have done our engagement session with! We are very excited to have her photographing our wedding day as well! I would totally recommend Chelsy Weisz Photography to anyone that is looking to have pictures taken. 

we would rather have"

"There is no one  

Marty + Katie
White earth, ND engagement + Wedding

Lance and I had a wonderful experience with Chelsy. She shot our Engagement and our Wedding photos and I would have not done it any other way. The engagement shoot allowed us to develop a relationship with her which helped us feel comfortable in front of the camera on our wedding day. She was accommodating, by allowing us to take photos at our home instead of all at the church. She was organized, timely, fun, energetic and great at capturing moments that are special all of the qualities one would want in a photographer.

helped us feel comfortable in front of the camera on our wedding day"

"wonderful experience...

Daniell + Lance
williston, nd engagement + wedding

I absolutely love working with Chelsy. She took my engagement pictures, my best friend's wedding pictures, our family photos, and next summer she'll be photographing our wedding! I never want to use any one else again, I love her work and she makes taking pictures such fun.

I never want to use any one else again"

"I absolutely love working with Chelsy

Cheyenne + tanner
Stanley, ND engagement & wedding

My fiancée & I loved doing our engagement pictures with Chelsy! She was fun to work with and got many shots in just one hour! Our engagement pictures have turned out beautiful. We can't wait for her to photograph our wedding day!

 We can't wait for her to photograph our wedding day!"

"She was fun to work with

Lauren + cole
Stanley, ND engagement & Wedding

we're in the business of bottling up romance. of seeing you and your love at its best, and capturing who you really are. together. 



Through all the excitement that comes with getting engaged and planning a wedding, there are also a lot of things to do and people to see that comes with the territory. From when to do what, how to stay on budget and gathering inspiration, the things to keep organized seems overwhelming.  
Here are some of the not so obvious planning tips to help you make your wedding day go off with out a hitch, except ya know the whole getting hitched part! :)  

 planning Tips

Wedding Day

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01. Don't be last for

Hair + Makeup

Especially if you are having a first look, don't let the bride be the last one to get into the hair and makeup chair.  If for some reason hair and makeup run late, we can always do the first look without a bridesmaid, but never without the bride.

As a photographer I am prepared to photograph in whatever room you choose to get ready in. However if you want to be a photographers dream client, and help to curate an amazing photo gallery for yourself, choose a room with large windows. I usually suggest the master bedroom of the house. If you have the option to let your bridesmaids get dressing in another room to help keep down on the clutter in the room the bride is getting ready in do it! I always look for mirrors to catch reflections of those around the bride looking at her!

Get dressed 

02. Pick a good room to

Sure you have thought about a first look, but thats not where the magic of the day ends. I love doing first looks on a wedding day, they are a great time to capture that raw emotional moment between a bride and groom with out you feeling the pressure of hundreds of guests watching you see your soon to be husband for the fist time all spiffied up in his suite. You can read more on reasons to do a first look here,

Harsh direct sunlight in the middle of the day came make it hard to get those dreamy romantic sun kissed images both you and I love! However in North Dakota, if your wedding is in the summer at 5 pm, you likely still have 3-4 hours of sunlight left after the ceremony is over. This means I can usually steal you and your now husband for sunset photos while your guests are busy eating dinner, or enjoying that awesome band or DJ you hired, and they wont miss you one bit!
To read more about sunset photos Click Here! 

Sun Set Photos

Harsh direct sunlight in the middle of the day came make it hard to get those dreamy romantic sun kissed images

a few of My



03. Don't wait until your

Wedding Day

You wouldn’t wait to try your wedding dress on until the morning of your wedding, why would you wait until your wedding day to meet your photographer. I can not stress enough the importance of having an engagement session with your photographer before wedding. Your engagement session is like a trial run for your photographer before your wedding. I as a photographer get a chance to see how you two function as a couple, without the pressure of the wedding day. Read up  more about engagement sessions HERE! 

Boutonnieres always go on the wearers left.  Easy way to remember it goes over the their heart! Don't worry, I've pinned a lot of boutonnieres, I'll be there to help if someone needs help! 


04. Where to Pin the 

Take off your Vile before you start your receiving line!  

Save yourself the headache

It ever fails, you will get it caught on someone's clothing, or a guest will yank your head back without meaning to!  We will put it back for sunset photos!  Believe me you don't want grandma's broach to get tangled up in it!

Want more wedding planning Tips?

I just started a new series on the blog called Wedding Wednesday.

It will feature some of my favorite wedding planning tips to help your day run as smooth as possible!

You can find it here!

I just started the series, so check back weekly for more tips! 

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